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Sick of fighting an uphill battle with your skin? Skip the Sephora facial kits and let our acne specialists guide you on the way to the gorgeous, glowing, acne-free skin of your dreams. 

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kinley kay acne program

The Kinley Kay Acne Program was designed for the woman who wants to take charge over her skin and see real, powerful changes. Giving our clients gorgeous glowing skin is what fuels up, and we can’t wait to support our clients in their journey. If you are struggling with acne in the Fox Cities or beyond, we are here to help you on your journey to clear skin. 

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By joining the Kinley Kay Acne Program you gain access to:

A thorough, 60-minute consultation with one of our acne specialists to discuss your skin concerns and decide which course of action is best for your desired results.

Consistent support in your skincare journey through treatments (every 2-4 weeks), encouragement, and connection with one of our amazing acne specialists.

Knowledge and tools to care for your skin at home, helping you to feel empowered to care for your own skin.

An at-home care kit valued between $405 (non-inflamed) and $500 (inflamed) at a discounted rate.

Next-level discounts on all products during the 6-month program 

Bi-weekly support from the Kinley Kay team through exclusive emails giving you all the juicy details to enjoy healthy skin that glows!

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As someone who struggled with adult onset hormonal acne after the birth of my children, I know first hand the toll that acne can take on self-confidence + overall mental health. Finding a system + products that actually wok was incredibly important to me, so when I found Face Reality, I knew that this was something I had to offer clients, too! I love that the acne program allows me to restore confidence into people, helping them achieve the clear skin of their dreams. I can't wait to meet you! 


I have struggled with acne since the 4th grade and know how debilitating it can be to feel like you have tried everything but gotten no where. When I started working with Face Reality 4 years ago it completely changed my life and I have gotten to see the magic that it offers clients on a daily basis ever since. I love that the Kinley Kay Acne Program doesn’t just address the issue of the product you are using but also dives deep into lifestyle adjustments you can make to assist in your clear skin journey. I cannot wait to help you achieve the skin of your dreams




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For clients with acne, this program will jumpstart their skin, helping them to experience real results through a series of treatments, at-home care, and lifestyle adjustments.

For women who have completed the first acne treatments, received at-home care, or lifestyle adjustments for acne and want to maintain their beautiful skin results.

For care of any pigmentation or scarring that has come about because of acne, working to create healed, plump, flawless skin (must not have scarring less than 6 months old). 

acne program

acne graduate program

acne healing program

** must complete the acne program to sign up for acne graduate program
** must complete both the acne and acne graduate program to sign up for acne healing program

after 3-weeks of the program

“I’m already feeling so much more confidence in my skin with no makeup on!”

1-week after products and one facial

“Took some snapshots today. Seems like my skin has calmed down a bit already after the facial & new products!"



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Book a $50 consult with us!  You can find this easily on our Booking page. You'll then meet with one of our acne specialists for a 60-minute consultation to discuss your unique skin concerns. Together, you will decide which course of action is best for your desired results.

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