Beauty Careers


At Kinley Kay, we know that women struggle to have enough time for themselves in the morning.

Instead of waking up to enjoy a morning by their design, they instead will begin their day in front of the mirror, taking up their precious time to hide behind makeup.

At Kinley Kay, we give women the gift of skin, lashes and brows so they can wake up confident and ready to tackle the day. When women have the skin, lashes and brows of their dreams, they get to take back time. Are you passionate, energetic and dedicated about saving women time in the morning?

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Every position is unique in its own way, but we pride ourselves on taking daily action. Every day each of us:

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We are excited and friendly with every guest to up level their experience and give them confidence.

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We communicate with each other to stay up to date on protocols and guest experiences.

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We educate ourselves and are always growing to bring the best treatments to our guests.

Working at Kinley Kay isn’t just a job to clock into.

We are on a mission to up level the lives around us. If you work at Kinley Kay, you’ll learn about advanced aesthetics, customer service and most importantly, you’ll help women take back time as they begin their day.

Current Openings

-Lash Extension Artist
-Microblade Artist (can apply to perform 1, multiple or all of the following; not required to perform all)
*Advanced trainings and certifications can be obtained once hired