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Owner / Lead Aesthetician / Lash Expert/ Microblade Expert

Kinley’s love for skin and beauty began as a child, when she began putting curlers in her dog’s hair and painting her nails. In high school and into college, Kinley became the “brow master”. She would run back after class to take ‘clients’ in her dorm room. It became evident that her passion for beauty could become a career, and Kinley embarked on her journey into the skin care industry. In 2012, she began working for a professional salon sales company. Kinley educated salons and spas on product information and business resources. In the meantime, she received her aesthetics license through Vici Aveda. The former “brow master” fell in love with helping women feel confident and decided to practice aesthetics full time.
Kinley has discovered that education is key. Keeping herself educated on all different skin types and how to treat them is now a priority. She now uses her knowledge to educate her clients, empowering them to improve their own confidence. Kinley’s mission is to give her clients an understanding of why their skin is acting a certain way and how they can combat issues.
By working with a collaborative team, Kinley challenges herself and her team daily. In the skincare industry, aestheticians are typically treated as a ‘side gig’ at a hair or nail salon. Or aestheticians are expected to just massage and relax their clients. Kinley takes skincare a step further and is creating a fun and exciting environment that places an emphasis on delivering results to clients. Kinley’s studio brings aestheticians together as a collaborative team so they can challenge and help each other every day while delivering long-term results to their clients.
In Kinley’s free time, you’ll find her at a local Starbucks, or at the gym. She believes in taking care of herself just as she encourages her clients to. Others know Kinley as the woman who laughs uncontrollably loud, has a slight obsession with cats (particularly her own handsome orange tabby) and works non-stop. She believes in being prompt and diligent, and loves expressing the beautiful qualities she sees in others. Kinley has earned the nickname “The Beauty Queen” for beautifying others, and is most passionate about creating the happiest life for herself and others. Maddie READ ABOUT MADDIE

Makeup Artist / Lash Artist / Microblade Artist

Maddie’s fascination with makeup began as a child. She loved watching her mother perform her usual morning makeup routine, and she closely observed the technique of application and the products her mother used. Naturally, as soon as she was old enough to start wearing makeup, she was quick to pick up a brush and dive into the world of makeup.
After receiving her cosmetology license and working in the salon industry for nearly two years, Maddie seized the opportunity to assist a Chicago-based makeup artist in a Chicago fashion show. The experience motivated her to charge forward with her dreams of becoming a makeup artist. She began taking clients at the salon where she worked for bridal and event makeup. Networking with other locals in the area created opportunities to apply makeup for photo shoots. Through photo shoots, Maddie built her creativity and her portfolio. Four years later, she is more inspired to continue her dreams and expand her business as a makeup artist.
Maddie specializes in makeup for bridal and boudoir, but invites any opportunity for new and creative projects. Her favorite part of the beauty industry is the inspiration the community brings and the opportunity to be creative–while having fun! Regardless of what her clients ask of her, she ensures they feel happy and confident with their look. When it comes to makeup, Maddie wants her clients to feel comfortable, and does not pressure them to wear anything against their own style.
In her free time, Maddie is always up for an adventure. She enjoys exploring nature and taking photos. When she isn’t out spending time with her friends and family, she is likely at home snuggled up with her cat Alma, reading a book or playing video games. Those who know Maddie best say she loves to be around furry animals (especially goats), people who make her laugh, and anyone who shares her love of Harry Potter. Her biggest joy in life is helping others find happiness and living life to the fullest. 59678228_296994704571496_1095915344284876800_n READ ABOUT BRITTANY

Aesthetician / Lash Artist / Brow Artist

Brittany has always had a love for anything that has given people the opportunity to be their true self and to make themselves feel their absolute best!
This journey began while she was an art major in Milwaukee; working with all mediums. This slowly turned into wanting to work more with people rather than art supplies.
With the strong support of her family and motivation to learn, she ventured into cosmetology. This is where she discovered her love of creating art on her clients with hair, nails, makeup, and aesthetics.
Throughout her seven years in the industry, aesthetics was something she constantly had a passion for but put on hold while she explored more opportunities with hair. However, her passion for skincare simply could not be ignored.
Diving back into her love for aesthetics, she has never felt more complete and more driven to make sure that anyone she has the pleasure of working with feels their best, starting with the skin they’re in! 59526214_1569243433210193_746159999704629248_n READ ABOUT HOLLY

Aesthetician / Lash Artist / Brow Artist

Holly is exceptionally happy to have a career where she gets to improve the aesthetics of women. Having dealt with skin issues herself, she has made it her goal to diminish any insecurities her clients may have. She loves to work with her clients to improve the texture and tone of their skin, helping them to feel comfortable and confident. Holly also believes in utilizing education to continually improve her craft and to bring her clients the best services possible. She wants her clients to not only experience exceptional service, but also have the knowledge to care for their skin well at home, allowing them to maintain healthy, glowing skin. When Holly is not in the studio, she can be found enjoying the outdoors, spending time with her friends and family, or snuggling up with her dog, Gander.


Aesthetician / Lash Artist

Kate found her calling in aesthetics after dropping out of college. She found herself reflecting upon what made her truly happy — skincare and making others smile. One google search, a few phone calls, and one car ride later and she was enrolled into an aesthetics program. Today, Kate is head over heels in love with the path she has chosen and is so grateful that she gets to live her passion every single day. She prides herself on her welcoming manner, confidence and humility. She loves to be constantly learning and growing as a professional. In her free time she is most likely working out at the gym, hanging out with family, or watching TV shows and movies. Kate is a proud plant mom to many living and faux plants and also has a true love for home decor.


Aesthetician/ Lash Artist / Brow Artist

Dana’s passion for makeup began at a young age. While Dana always considered herself a tomboy, she also loved to watch her mom and sister put on makeup as they got ready for the day. And, as she grew, so did her fascination with the beauty industry, drawing her to read about makeup in all the beauty magazines, making makeup application a natural experience for her when she was finally allowed to do so.
While studying to gain a degree in communications, Dana, in her junior year of college, also obtained her makeup certification so that she could begin pursuing work in her passion.  And, after graduating with a BA in communications she moved up to Wisconsin from Chicago to begin her career in makeup. While she was in the early stages of building her business she also decided to go back to school for aesthetics as she felt it was important to understand skin as much as she understood makeup. A self proclaimed “skin nerd”, Dana finds the science of skin and makeup just as fascinating as the art of applying it. Dana’s role in the beauty industry is to empower others and transform not only the face but the soul by creating an essence of real obtainable beauty. 59285890_285263372352369_7941904037979357184_n READ ABOUT CHRISTIE

Aesthetician / Lash Artist / Brow Artist

Christie came to Kinley Kay with over twelve years of experience in the beauty industry, specifically working with MAC Cosmetics. Her work with MAC inspired her love of education and ultimately brought her to a point where she wanted to learn more about beauty and elevating her skill set with lash and brow artistry. She loves creating looks that help her clients feel comfortable and confident in their skin, helping their beautiful self shine through. When not at the studio, Christie keeps busy driving school bus and enjoying her life as a “boy mama”.

Rachael Gabrielle Lara Photography READ ABOUT RACHAEL

Aesthetician/lash artist

59364531_706141316485602_7403575147791122432_n READ ABOUT MALARY

Studio Coordinator

Malary made her way to Kinley Kay through a series of perfect circumstances. After leaving her career as a high school English teacher to be at home with her two beautiful boys, she dreamt of finding the right fit for her skill set while also maintaining her ability to be a momma to her young children. Cue, Kinley Kay. Upon meeting Kinley and her team, she immediately felt that it was a right fit and she quickly became a part of the fabric of the team. From her “jack of all trades” spirit to her calming energy, Malary creates space for the team to fully flourish in their artistry. She also uses her creative energy to support the team through creating content to educate clients and help them feel even more a part of the Kinley Kay family . When not in the studio, Malary can be found chasing her little squirts around, snuggling her cats, storytelling, or laughing with her best friend and spouse, Tim. She is an extroverted introvert and, while she loves being around people, she also can’t wait to get home, hop in her jam-jams and turn on her most recent, binge-worthy show. Her favorite season is summer and her favorite animal, the giraffe. She believes in the power of kindness and does her best to exude passion, empathy and love in all that she does.

59470910_1113223005545438_3837337409624735744_n READ ABOUT JOLEEN

Aesthetician / Lash Artist

Joleen has always had a passion for the beauty and skincare industry. However, she never truly thought of it as a career until she was in her mid twenties and still struggling with acne. Desperate to find out more about her own skin, Joleen enrolled in the Esthetics program at Gill Tech Academy in Appleton. While there, she fell even more in love with skincare, specifically facials and dermaplaning. Having her own skin success and seeing the results of classmates and clients, it quickly became her go to treatment for all skin types. Beyond aesthetics, Joleen truly values physical health and wellness and can often be found working up a sweat through CrossFit workouts, rollerblading, or running.


Aesthetician / Lash Artist

Janelle’s love for aesthetics brought her to the Kinley Kay team after over 30 years in customer relations. She knew that she wanted to work in an industry that was ever growing and one that provided an ongoing learning experience, and so she obtained her aesthetic license from the Salon Professional Academy in 2017. Some of her favorite services include microneedling, chemical peels, dermaplaning and lash lifting because of their proven results and immediate ability to boost a client’s confidence. Janelle believes the best things in life are the people you love, the places you have seen and the memories you’ve made along the way.

59350586_3433910129956073_7468290679920132096_n READ ABOUT MAGGIE

Aesthetician / Lash Artist

Maggie is so happy to have found her calling in aesthetics and finds so much joy in the work that she does. She has been in the beauty industry for over two years, and while she started out as a nail technician, she quickly grew in fascination and love for skincare services and products. Because of this love and her enjoyment in providing lash extension services, she decided to go to aesthetics school, graduating from the Washington County School of Esthetics in 2018. Her absolute favorite services to offer at the studio are lash lift and tints and the deep cleanse facials because of their proven results for healthy lashes and skin. She loves that her job allows her to help others achieve healthy, beautiful skin both through treatments and providing them the knowledge to care for their skin at home. In her free time, Maggie can be found out in nature hiking and kayaking or going to a car show or the races with her husband.

KinleyKayGroup-2 MARINA HOWE

Receptionist and Studio Coordinator


Communications Specialist