Tattoo Removal




We use a solution vs the use of laser. Our saline removal works on the theory of Osmosis. The solution is implanted into the skin as with tattooing and the solution attracts the pigment of the tattoo to bring up to the surface and begin to slough off during the following few weeks. This process is known as Equalization. Because of this process, the tattoo will appear darker before it is gone.


How our process differs from laser removal:

Some pigment lines require certain lasers to be removed with. Without the knowledge of the history of your tattoo and pigment used, the wrong laser could alter the color of your tattoo instead of removing it. Laser is also incredibly painful.

Laser works by breaking up the pigment into tiny fragments into the skin, then removed by the body’s immune system. Our saline removal inserts a solution to break down the pigment to bring up to the surface of the skin to slowly exfoliate off during the next few weeks. Both treatments need multiple sessions to fully lighten or remove.

How many treatments does it take?

The exact amount of treatments is cannot be determined because of unlimited unknown factors of your tattoo. We typically recommend 3-5 treatments, 6 weeks apart.

What is the healing time?

We recommend you refrain from sweating, swimming and the use of sauna for at least 6 days. Refrain from makeup and sun exposure on the direct spot for about 6 days.

How do I care for my tattoo removal? Cleanse 2x a day with saline solution and cotton pad. Do not soak!
Once the area has dried, use the aftercare balm we have give you or a Vitamin E oil. What does it look like post treatment?

It may appear darker and appear like a scab during the healing time.

Results cannot be guaranteed for any tattoo but especially blue/black 5+ year old tattoo. We can efficiently lighten your tattoo but to remove cannot be guaranteed.