Apr 25

“The Magic Sparkle” – Self-Care, Energy and the Beautiful Power of Crystals

Ever since I was a little girl I have been intrigued by nature. Being outside and exploring the world around me brought so much magic and delight to my life, and I loved spending hours outside with my childhood best friend searching for that perfect stone, my hands digging into the dirt, feeling the energy that surrounded me. I loved the way that it felt to hold these stones in my hand, the way that my heart would fill with wonder about what beauty hid inside — hoping that we found a few that held that “magic sparkle”.

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As I grew up and continued to walk through life, I never lost my attraction to stones. In fact, it only continued to grow. I loved peaking into shop windows on family vacations, looking at how the light would catch each crystal, my eyes and heart always drawn to their beauty, especially that of citrine and black obsidian. It was inevitable that my hands would end up opening the shop door, and I would leave carrying a little velvet sachet filled with perfectly polished stones, excited to imagine each one of their adventure stories. So much creativity and light was brought into my life as I added more and more to my collection.

Not only did these stones intrigue me, but as I grew into adulthood my pull to them and the inspiration I gained from them only grew. I loved being surrounded by crystals, whether it was just to look at their beautiful colors, to touch their edges, or to explore their dimension. The truth is that at this time in my life, it just felt really good to be around them. I had no idea that they held power, energy and healing properties. But, as you could expect, the more my interest grew in them and the better that they made me feel, I knew that I had to learn all about these precious stones and their story.

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As I learned about the power of crystals, I also began to learn more how they supported in and energized my life’s purpose and path. As a woman, I have always strongly believed in manifestation and the power of following your heart, dreams and aspirations. I have seen this power in action and believe that so much of my joy and personal successes come from this place.  I have also always had a strong conviction to protect myself and loved ones from pain, negativity and hurt. I’ve always been incredibly sensitive to other energies around me, highly intuitive to others feelings, emotions and energies and have found this draw to play a powerful role in my daily life as well.

Soon I learned that the two stones that I had always kept around me ever since I was a little girl carried these energies with them – black obsidian, which shields against negativity and stimulates the power of prophecy and citrine, my soul stone, is the master of manifestation, imagination and personal will. It’s like carrying the sun with you at all times — it is warm, it is comforting, it is energizing and life giving; always stirring the soul to action.

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This is always how I had described myself and learning this only made me feel more known and understood by the universe. It was evident to me that these crystals carried so much power within them and that their presence in my life has continued to be a touchstone for energy, healing, comfort, and light.
I now consider crystals to be a part of my personal self-care routine — I carry them in my purse, I keep them in my car and office, and even my wedding ring is a citrine, as I like to keep it as close to my body as I can. I believe that these precious stones are a blessing to my life and enrich my personal journey — adding light, beauty and strength along the way.

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