Jul 20

Luxury Treatment: Pampering Your Skin And Your Soul With An At-Home Facial

One great way to maintain that smooth, baby soft skin in between your professional treatments is to add a little extra luxury into your at-home care routine. And, while there is nothing quite like getting pampered by the hands of your aesthie bestie, giving yourself a more in-depth at home treatment is sure to boost your mood and confidence. 

Loving on our skin at home is one of our favorite ways to incorporate self-care into our lives, so here are some Kinley Kay Team approved steps to enjoy a spa-level facial in the comfort of your own home. 

Slow down and enjoy 

One of the best parts of the facial experience is the level of relaxation it brings into your day. Tap into that relaxation and slow down this routine, really focusing in on each step, adding in extra massage, and enjoying the ambiance that you have created for yourself. I love to get in my favorite cozy robe, turn on the Kinley Kay playlist (you can find us on Spotify!), and light my favorite candle — giving my bathroom that comforting vibe. 

It is also important to incorporate each of these steps in your luxury facial routine if you are looking to get many of the same benefits as a professional treatment: 

  1. Double cleanse
  2. Exfoliate 
  3. Mask 
  4. Treat (serums, moisturizer) 
  5. Massage (hands, jade roller, gua sha, you choose!) 

Focus on healing 

Use your at-home facial experience to focus on the healing of your skin rather than on heavily correcting. Whether you are dealing with dry skin, an angry breakout, pigmentation or other issues, focusing on the hydrating and gentle healing will give your skin the love it needs. Two of my favorite ways to incorporate gentle correction are adding in a cooling eye mask and gua sha massage. Both of these give me that glow while also gently loving on my skin. Of course you can use serums or other products that target your particular skin concerns, but avoid over exfoliating and leave peels, extractions and dermaplaning to your aesthetician. 

Extend the facial beyond your face

As you sit at home in your comfiest jammies or fluffy robe, take the time to include your décolletage and neck in your rejuvenating facial experience. Your neck and chest are often the first places where you see signs of aging as they often have as much sun and other free-radical exposure as the face, but aren’t cared for in the same way. Including these parts of your body in your routine will help you keep all of your skin from the chest up looking youthful and glowing for years to come. 

Most of all, allow this time to be centered around you and the caring of your mind, body and soul. Slowing down and being intentional with yourself is such a great way to promote self-love, helping you to refresh, restore and take on the world.

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