Oct 9

What You Need to Know about Eyelash Lifting

While some women seem to be born with incredibly thick and perfectly curled eyelashes, most of us have tried dozens of volumizing mascaras and lash enhancing serums but still fall short when it comes to achieving that desired glam look for lashes.

A subtler alternative to lash extensions, lash lifting has been taking the beauty world by storm. For straight or simply stubborn lashes that seem to defy all mascaras and lash curlers, a lash lift is a simple treatment with incredible results.

1. No damage to your natural lashes – While mascara helps to add length and enhance volume to your lashes, the cosmetic can often leave your lashes damaged, dry, or brittle. Lash lifting gives your lashes an elegant curl without causing any damage to your natural lashes.

2. Adds depth and definition to your eyes and face – For tired looking eyes, a lash lift is an excellent way to wake up your face and add dimension to your eyes and other features, helping you to achieve that “done up” look with little to no maintenance.

3. Your beauty routine is simplified – Without the need to curl your lashes or apply multiple coats of mascara, you can expect a lot less time spent getting ready each day. Lifted lashes also help your eyes “pop”, which can make your entire face look fresh and awake the moment you get out of bed.

4. Results are long-lasting – A lash lift can last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, which is a major perk for women looking to make their beauty routine lower maintenance. For women with medium to long lashes, a lash lift offers gorgeous looking lashes from the moment you start your day. For those with short natural lashes, lash lifting may not provide optimal results.

For even more dramatic results, include a lash tint to give depth to lighter colored lashes. For a limited time only, we are offering lash lifting and tinting together for just $75. Amazingly gorgeous lashes are just an appointment away!

If you’re ready for beautiful looking lashes with minimal maintenance, schedule your lash lifting with us today!

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