Jul 18

5 Benefits of an Enzyme Skin Peel

Whether glowing skin is what you are after, or you’re looking for an exfoliation method that is gentle, relaxing, and highly effective, an enzyme peel may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Gaining popularity in the world of skincare, enzyme peels are a safer, less expensive alternative to chemical peels. The natural components in enzyme peels accelerate the chemical reactions needed to remove old, dead skin and promote the growth of younger, softer skin. Today, we’re highlighting five of the many benefits you can expect to receive from an enzyme skin peel below!

1. Immediately visible results – Enzyme peels are gentle, yet incredibly effective in removing the buildup of dead skin. Supple, glowing skin is immediately visible. Better yet, there is no downtime after an enzyme peel, which means a peel can be incorporated into your regular skincare routine.

2. Better absorption of product – Skin that is exfoliated is smoother and softer in composition, which means greater absorption of cleansers and masques and better coverage with liquid and powder makeup.

3. Reduced acne inflammation – Skin that is prone to acne can greatly benefit from enzyme peels, as the gentle exfoliation works to minimize the appearance of scars and can help to smooth skin and stimulate the healing of blemishes.

4. Drastically improved texture and tone – The exfoliation properties in the enzymes used in an enzyme peel help to remove dead cells and loosen up dull skin to reveal smoother, more youthful skin below.

5. No damage to live tissue – Unlike chemical peels, which can injure living skin cells and cause inflammation, enzyme peels only target dead cells on the outermost layer of skin. Because of this, enzyme peels are beneficial for nearly all skin types.

Enzyme peels can be added onto any of our skin treatments to enhance the exfoliation process. If you’re ready for soft, smooth, and immediately rejuvenated skin, contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how an enzyme peel can help your skin look its best.

  1. Jeri Barry says:

    Speaking from personal experience I can say that all of the above are true! I love these! No down time and immediate results!

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