Aug 19

Product Spotlight: The Rhonda Allison Line at Kinley Kay

I think it is time for me to share about one of our newest lines at Kinley Kay Beauty Studio — Rhonda Allison. 

If you know anything about me, I am passionate about skincare. I mean, really, truly in love with it. And, because of that, I have always been driven to find products that work, but are also as natural as possible for the skin. Because of this, for almost the first two years at Kinley Kay, we carried only one line in our studio, Eminence Organics. I loved that this line was clean, natural, and organic all while delivering amazing results. I did notice, however, that while clients were happy with this line and loved that it was natural and really really GOOD for their skin, it wasn’t always delivering the GREAT results for every skin type that they we were hoping for, especially my clients with issues they were really trying to correct on the skin. 

So, the hunt began. I knew that I was going to keep Eminence on in a major way at the studio because I truly love and stand behind the product, but I also wanted to offer something to clients that was more corrective, extremely result-producing, and clean as well. I knew that I had large shoes to fill, but I believed that there was something out there! For a while, I dabbled in a few other lines, but I either wasn’t happy with its concentration, its product composition, or its results. However, after hours of research, I found myself on Rhonda Allison’s website and, once I had ordered some products and tried them myself, I knew that I had struck gold. 

Let me break this line down for you: 

First of all, this product line is evidence based, and uses highly active skincare solutions which provide those results that I knew we needed to offer our clients with real, frustrating skin concerns. First box checked. 

Next, I learned that this line has many similar attributes to Eminence when it comes to natural, clean, highly concentrated products. They are focused on providing you those results while while still truly caring for your skin. I love that they also use enzymes in their products to treat the skin rather than chemical compounds. Second box checked.  

I also fell in love with the fact that this company is focused on education. I am so attracted to people who believe that there is always something new to learn and provide opportunities to equip my team with advanced skills to bring to you. At Kinley Kay, we strive to bring the most up-to-date, result-producing services to you, and I am so excited that Rhonda Allison can afford that opportunity to my team. Another box checked on my list. 

And lastly, I love that they are a small, boutique business. As a business owner myself, I love supporting people who run their company with pride and who are conscious about the difference that they are making in the world. Fourth and final box checked for me. 

All in all, I am so, so excited about this line and have been dying over the results people have been experiencing while using these products. Our clients are falling in love with this skincare line and its magical, transformative powers. I’m not kidding when I say that this stuff is quick, effective, and life changing when it comes to skin and overall confidence. It makes my heart so happy to hear stories of changed skin, and to know that we are bringing you guys the absolute best products and services. I always want us to be a place of trust when it comes to your skin and the concerns you have with it. We truly do love you!!

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