Sep 11

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Sweet friends of mine! Oh, how I adore you. 

So many of you were so responsive to me sharing my skincare routine that I wanted to do something to share that love back! For the month of September, I will be offering 10% off a purchase of 4 or more products from the top picks from my skincare collection. 

Read more to learn about my skin type, my collection and how to get your hands on this amazing deal! 

Skin Type 

My skin can tend to gravitate towards the drier side of things and, while I don’t struggle with acne, I do have reactive skin and can tend to get build up on my skin which is one of the many things I am working to both treat and prevent. 

Because of this, I really appreciate hydrating serums, masques and moisturizers — so if your skin is oily or acneic, my regimen might not be suited for you. 

Top 6 Products 

It was so, so hard for me to choose just 6 products, but because I appreciate a straight-forward routine and love how powerful our products are I knew that narrowing it down to just these 6 would be such a great fit for those of you looking to both maintain your skin and bring it to that next level. I’ve got your back, girl  😉

Rhonda Allison’s Creamy Milk Cleanser

I absolutely love this cleanser because it is gentle for all skin types (my reactive skin LOVES this stuff!), but it also is intensely hydrating and cleansing. It has such a natural, clean scent and I truly feel like my face was taken care of after just one round of cleansing. This stuff is the thing cleansing dreams are made of, I swear. 

Rhonda Allison’s Mandelic Lotion

Now for the toner. To be honest, I had never loved toners in the past as I felt like they would burn or sting (not something that you want to feel on your skin while gently cleansing), but this product is perfect. It packs a punch with its antioxidant protection, its pH balancing power, and its ability to help with any inflammation or irritation your skin is experiencing. 

Rhonda Allison’s C- Peptide Complex

This serum’s job: help support collagen production and protection from free-radical damage. I love that this product is supporting my skin for the long term — keeping my face, neck and decollete looking young and fresh for years to come. 

Rhonda Allison’s Mandelic Arginine Serum

This serum is my favorite corrective as it is great for photo-aged, sensitive, rosacea-prone, dry skin all while doing so extremely gently. It’s goal: to rejuvenate the skin and enhance the look of healthy skin, both of which are wins in my book. 

Emience’s Bamboo Guava Moisturizer 

This stuff smells amazing, it feels amazing, and it does all the right things for my skin. From its lush mixture of antioxidants to its super-hydrating power it strengthens and cares for my skin like no other moisturizer on the market. In a word: obsessed. 

Eminence’s Lilikoi Primer 

I seriously rave about this Eminence product as it is one I can’t live without. It protects my skin from UV rays from both the sun and our devices — a must for me as I am active online every single day. I love using this right before applying makeup and use it all year long! 

If you want to get your hands on some of these AMAZING products and get an amazing deal, all you need to do is choose between 4 and 6 of the products discussed in this blog and mention this post and BOOM – 10% off of your entire purchase 🙂 

Easy peasy, lemon squeezie ❤️ 

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