Dec 19

Kinley Kay Spotlight: Life Coach Kaela Gedda

Last month, we had the pleasure and privilege of meeting with Kaela Gedda, ontological life coach and business babe extraordinaire, to dig deeper as a team and explore our own unique power as service providers, as artists, and as women. 

At Kinley Kay, one of our goals is to elevate who we are each and every month so that we can bring our passion, fulfillment and excitement to you each and every day. During our time with Kaela, we explored our beliefs about ourselves, our goals, dreams and visions for our lives, and what it takes to get us to a place of power and presence in our lives. 

As a team, we always want to be our best selves, but we also realized that life can be allowed to get in the way and so we took some time to push the pause and reflect button and do some personal exploration. 

During our time with Kaelia, she reminded us that so much of our beliefs about ourselves and our potential lie in the words we believe about ourselves, the attitudes and energy that we allow into our lives, and the direction we take when something happens to us. It was amazing to share with one another the limiting beliefs that we have held over ourselves, to verbally cut them out, and to claim new, beautiful, strong beliefs about who we are both in what we do and how we live each and every moment of the day. 

We loved that Kaela gave us practical steps to walk this out, from choosing the affirmations and power words to speak over ourselves, discussing how we can reconnect with those words each day, to exploring our reactions to frustrating or stressful situations and how we can reframe them to change the course of our day and, in the long term, our lives. 

She reminded us that the walk through our lives is a daily practice of self-love, and that if we take the time to reconnect with the person we want to be, our lives will reflect that beautifully. 

Kaela is an ontological life coach who works with female entrepreneurs who are in the business of doing big things.

Her passion for living a life by design, her exciting energy,  and her knack for helping you to explore and understand who it is that you really want to be sets her miles apart in the coaching industry. 

So, if you are looking to fully step into your potential, play in possibility, and become the version of yourself that you have always dreamed of, give this beautiful soul a follow. 

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