Dec 31

Kinley Kay Business Spotlight: Green Bay Edition

Kaela Gedda

We have shared so much about Kaela already, but it is just because she is just such a beautiful life force. As an ontological life coach, Kaela helps women discover who it is that they want to be and what kind of life it is that they want to live. 

We love the passion and purpose she has behind what she does, and enjoy being in her presence as she helps those she works with work to their potential through both a mindset shift and practical, applicable steps.  

As a team, we were able to work with her to discover who it is that we believe that we are, whether or not we like that version of ourselves, and discussed tangible ways to become exactly who it is that we want to be each and every day. 

Her passion for living a life by design, her exciting energy,  and her knack for helping you to explore and understand who it is that you really want to be sets her miles apart in the coaching industry. 

So, if you are looking to fully step into your potential, play in possibility, and become the version of yourself that you have always dreamed of, give this beautiful soul a follow. 

Knotted Cone

Gelato. Enough said, right? 

Well, kind of… Yes, the Knotted Cone serves up some of the most amazing gelato and sorbet in the state of Wisconsin, yes, their cart is cute as heck, but what we honestly love even more about this business is the girl behind the brand. Kathy, the heart and soul who creates these tasty treats found her passion on a trip to Europe (girl after my own heart), and couldn’t let the tastes, smells, and sights of happy customers go. Because of her desire to learn all about the art behind this tasty dessert, she flew across the world to study this Italian craft — bringing it back to good old central Wisconsin for us to enjoy. 

This beauty is always super booked and has had such a booming couple of years. We love to see her at local farmers markets, catering events, and even at some of our closest friends weddings. Her passion is an inspiration, and we always look forward to when the warmer weather hits, because we know that with it comes the Knotted Cone truck, ready to serve. 

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