Jan 23

Keeping Your Skin, Lashes and Brows Effortlessly Beautiful – A How-To Guide for Post Care

Look at you, gorgeous girl! 

We see you with those beautiful brows, perfect lashes, and glowing skin and now that you’ve experienced your appointment we also know that you are wondering how you can keep this effortless look for days, weeks and years to come. 

So here are all the details you need to maintain the skin, lashes and brows of your dreams. We know that these tried and true steps will keep you smiling from ear to ear each and every day. 

Skin Treatment Post Care Steps: 

  1. DO keep your skin hydrated. The massage that we use on your face is not just for a feel good sensation 🙂 It is massaging toxins out of your skin, so be sure to flush those out while also rehydrating your skin. 
  2.  DO exfoliate weekly! Yes you just got that dermaplane treatment, yes you just got that microneedle or enzyme peel, but your skin will still develop build up over time. To keep that soft, glowing complexion, use our dermafoliant with your daily cleanser to keep that build up at bay. 
  3. DO follow your aesthie’s advice. A quality at home care routine will help your skin to feel its very best 24/7. Take some time to talk with them about the best products for you and your skin goals. 
  4. DO book your next appointment. These expert treatments will help you to continue to achieve your skincare dreams — giving you back the time in the morning that is filled with makeup application.
  5. DON’T pick at those pimples. You may experience some purging after your appointment (this is a good thing and you should be excited that your skin is clearing itself up!!). I know that the urge is real, but picking and poking is only going to worsen your skin struggles. 
  6. DON’T sweat, sit in a sauna, or apply makeup immediately after your facial (if you can help it). Let the skin breathe, sweetie! 
  7. DON’T go outside without SPF on! We recommend that SPF be a part of your everyday skincare routine, but your post-facial skin is especially susceptible to sun damage. Protect that beautiful face.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  8. DON’T use at home peels or retinol for at least one week post facial. Your skin is more sensitive than normal – protect the glow. 

Microblading Post Care Steps:  

For 24 hours

  1. No alcohol 
  2. No blood thinners 

For seven days:

  1. No sweating
  2. No swimming
  3. No sauna
  4. No picking or scratching
  5. No acidic products

For 4 weeks: 

  1. No botox
  2. No fillers
  3. No laser 
  4. No chemical peels 

Be sure to:

  1. Wash 2-3x/day (clean hands only) 
  2. Apply aftercare 2-3x/day (new Q tip every application)


Lash Service Post-Care Steps: 

  1. DO be sure to avoid water for at least 24 hours after your appointment. This goes for extensions and lash lifts.
  2. DO invest in a lash cleanser and brush. The cleaner your lashes are the better your extensions will retain and your eyes will feel.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  3. DO be sure to cleanse 2x a day. You only need a pea size amount of the cleanser with a little bit of water to care for those beautiful lashes.
  4. DO schedule your lash fill appointments. This will ensure that you always have the lashes you dream of. 
  5. DON’T wear eye makeup on your lash extensions. This will make it difficult for the extension to adhere to your lashes and those babies will fall out faster than you can imagine. 
  6. DON’T rub or pull at your extensions. If you do so, your lashes — both the extension and the natural ones — may fall out.

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