Jul 2

4 Tips to Keep Your Skin Sparkling This 4th of July

As the holiday weekend approaches and our adventures point to sunny beach days, long nights around the fire, and barbecuing with family and friends, it is so important to prepare your skin and help it to keep sparkling on Independence Day and the many days that follow. 

These four tips are perfect for keeping your skin safe, hydrated and loved on the whole weekend, while also enjoying all the fun and family time that your heart desires. 

  1. SPF the whole day through. I know that this is one soap box that we stand on every chance we get, but this is the best way to ensure that the sun doesn’t wreak havoc on your skin. SPF should be a part of your daily routine, but it is especially important while you are enjoying time on the water or in the backyard with the sun beating down upon you. In order to keep your skin safe, start your day with an SPF and reapply every two hours for maximum coverage. Our three favorites for ultimate skin protection:

    – Eminence’s Tropical Vanilla Day Cream ($70)
    – Image Skincare’s Prevention + Daily Matte Moisturizer ($54)
    – Image Skincare’s Prevention + Daily Hydrating Moisturizer ($54)

These products will ensure that your face and body are protected — helping you to enjoy a sun-damage free weekend! 

  1. Bring that cooling mist with you wherever you go! As that summer sun shows its brightest-self, you will likely experience some dryness, especially if you are not prepared. Our Stone Crop Hydrating Mist ($45) or Vital C Hydrating Mist ($45) will help replenish and restore moisture to your skin with their blend of glow-boosting antioxidants. We love spritzing these on our face throughout the day whenever we need to cool off or combat a little dryness. Plus, they are a perfect pairing to help your SPF application go smoothly. 

  1. Have fun! At Kinley Kay, we are in the business of self-love and having fun at a barbeque with friends and family or enjoying a few delicious beverages on the boat are great ways to live a life that you love! One trick that I love to incorporate so that I can enjoy while not over-indulging on those breakout inducing foods — bringing a healthy dish that I love to the party. Whether this is a platter of ultra-hydrating fruit or a green-rich salad with your favorite homemade dressing, having a healthy option to add to your plate can support your skin in maintaining its glow long after the party.

4. Enjoy some afterparty love for your skin. One of my favorite rituals after a weekend full of fun, sun and food is to give my skin some extra love and attention. A few of my favorite post-party choices are the Stone Crop Masque ($65), Image’s Vital C Hydrating Water Burst ($58) and the Apricot Oil ($40). I love that each of these add luscious moisture back into my skin, helping it recoup and get back to its most glowing self. I promise you that after a long day in the sun, your skin will appreciate a little extra time and care.

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