Jul 2

Farmhouse Fresh: Farm-to-Bottle Freshness For Gorgeous Skin

This summer season has brought a beautiful refresh to the studio, one piece of which is an amazing new product line that we are offering on our retail shelves — FarmHouse Fresh (FHF). 

As a team, we are always on the hunt for top-of-the-line skincare that is not only effective but clean, naturally derived, and all around good for you. Everything we carry on our shelves has been intentionally picked with you, your skin, and its health in mind. 

So, why Farmhouse Fresh? 

Immediately upon learning of this brand I was drawn to their farm-to-bottle approach. I love that every product created by them comes sourced with fruits, veggies, milks and more from either their own farm or from farms in the USA. What’s more, their products come with the guarantee that NO Parabens, Sulfates or phthalates are used in the production of these products. All this stacks up to great news for your skin and the environment!

I also personally fell in love with their intentionality not only in the skincare world, but in their love for animals and the environment. The Farmhouse Fresh Ranch is “located on a hilly 5-acre site that is specifically designed as a sanctuary for rescue animals” — how cool is that? Not only do they use the products derived here to rescue us from any and all skin concerns, but they actively rescue and care for animals as well, both on their ranch and through a portion of each and every product sale. Be still my heart! 

What can you expect from this line? 

You can expect to find delicious and effective products that are made to serve your skincare desires from head-to-toe. 

You can expect cruelty-free, natural and organic products. 

You can expect to experience soft, glowing, happy skin that is fueled by all the best things in nature. 

You can expect your investment to do good beyond your radiant skin — with each product purchase supporting the funding, rescuing and rehabilitating of abused animals. 

Now what to choose? 

We house a large variety of FHF products on our retail shelves, each delivering their own special touch to your skin. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to make a selection, so here are a few of our current favorites: 

  • FHF Spa Facial Kits ($46) – If you are looking for the perfect product to test out the FHF skincare line while also enjoying an instant at-home facial experience, these are it! Each kit comes with a cleanser, mask and moisturizer helping you to combat skin concerns while also trying out three different products. We carry a variety of options for you to choose from depending upon your skincare goals, and we love that each kit is good for 6-8 uses. 
  • Sand Your Ground ($47) – This dual action mud-exfoliating mask is the perfect addition to your routine. Derived from Red Arizona clay, volcanic pumice and Willow Bark Extract, this mask smoothes, tones and refreshes for that perfectly flawless finish. 
  • Watercress Hydration Cascade ($49) – This moisturizer is just what our skin needs during these warm summer months. Not only does this antioxidant rich moisturizer nourish the skin, but its super-light gelee formula feels immediately cooling and refreshing upon application. 
  • Rainbow Road Body Wash ($29) – This favorite of our team smells as joyful as rainbows are! The notes of coconut and bartlett pear give the perfect pick me up for the day while also adding moisture to your skin. We absolutely love it!

We are so excited to bring this gorgeous lineup to you, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on these products!

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