Jul 26

Lash Extensions: 4 Tips for Lash Extensions That Last!

At Kinley Kay, we are proud to offer lash extensions that are things dreams are made of. Our team of lash extension artists are serious about their craft and are obsessed with giving you a look that perfectly enhances your natural beauty. 

And, while extensions offer the ease and convenience of throwing away the mascara wand and lash curler, they do come with their own set of golden rules to ensure that you are happy with your lashes day in and day out. 

So, without further ado, here are the four rules that, if followed, will ensure the most beautiful lash extensions that last!

Golden Rule #1: Come to your appointments with clean, makeup-free lashes

Whether you are coming into the studio for your first ever set of extensions or getting your bi-weekly fill, it is so important to come to your appointments with a clean face and lashes. And, while you may be tempted to add a little bit extra to your lashes in-between appointments, using a mascara on them will only make it more difficult to clean and for your next fill to adhere properly. All of this adds up to lashes that will fall out much more quickly and may create a breeding ground for infection.

We want you to be happy with your lashes time and time again, so removing all makeup ensures that no oil, debris or makeup is coating the lashes, giving us just what we need to work our magic! 

Golden Rule #2: Invest in a lash cleanser! 

Speaking of clean lashes, when you choose to wear extensions it is important that you are using the proper cleanser to remove dirt and debris without impacting the adhesive. While we would love to say that just using water is enough, unfortunately water will not remove all the gunk hanging out between on and in between your lashes.

What’s more, if not cleansed properly, little lash mites will make a nice cozy home in your lashes. Yes, this is real and yes, you don’t want it, so grab our Citrine Glow Lash and Permanent Makeup Wash ($35) on your way out the door. It will last you forever and will keep your lashes squeaky clean! 

Golden Rule #3: Do your best to avoid rubbing your eyes or tugging on your lashes 

While it is totally fine to rub your eyes from time to time, we do encourage you to avoid doing this as much as possible. The oil on your fingers can eat away at the adhesive and the friction may also cause you to pull lashes out. Eeek! 

If you are noticing that your eyes are itching more than normal after a fill, let your lash extension artist know. We have an adhesive option for sensitive eyes and will work with you to problem solve why you may be experiencing this. 

Golden Rule #4: Keep your bi-weekly appointments 

Due to the natural shedding cycle of your lashes, it is so important to come and see us every two weeks for a lash fill and refresh. If you wait longer, you may notice that your lashes look quite a bit more sparse and may need more significant attention from your artist at your next appointment. Keeping those two week appointments will ensure new life is breathed into your extensions, keeping you happy and your lashes full and gorgeous 24/7. 

We absolutely love giving you the lashes of your dreams, and if you stick with these rules and do the work on your end, I can assure you your lashes will last longer and stay full and fluffy in-between each and every appointment.

  1. Sheila Buchberger says:

    Got my first lash extensions ever today from Maggie and I love them! I have SUPER small/short eyelashes and some ‘bald’ spots and she made my lashes look natural and beautiful!

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