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Skincare Guide – Building a Perfect Regimen For Your Age

Skincare Guide – Building a Perfect Regimen For Your Age

No matter your age, it is never too early or too late to begin implementing a healthy skincare routine. 

Not only is a skincare routine a great way to add in some self-care to your day, it is also a great way to combat any skincare concerns you are experiencing or, as the case may be for some, prevent future concerns. 

Of course, as you age, your concerns will adjust which means that your routine will also need to adapt to these changes. Today, we are going to chat a bit about some of the must-have products to include in your approach to skincare decade-by-decade. 

With that being said, we do want you to know that these are not hard and fast rules. Instead, these suggestions are offered as a guide as you begin to implement a beneficial skin care routine. As always, if you want a regimen that is not only targeting your age, but your skin type, specific skin concerns and goals, we encourage you to set up a consultation with one of our expert aestheticians to create the perfect-for-you routine! 

Nourishing and Protecting In Your 20’s 

While some may experience flawless skin in their 20’s, many times the wild, ever-changing nature of this season of life can impact your skin in a variety of ways (can you say adult acne?!). This decade is the perfect time to target any specific skin problems you are experiencing while also preventing future concerns. 

  • Cleanser – Finding a cleanser that not only removes dirt, oil and makeup, but also nourishes your skin is exactly what you should be looking for in a cleanser in your 20s. Regardless of what skin concern you have, incorporating a healing, hydrating cleanser like the Stone Crop Gel Wash ($50) will ensure that your skin is well cared for and refreshed.  
  • Vitamin C Serum – Anti-aging is important to do even before you are seeing its visible signs. Not only do vitamin C serums fight free-radicals and reduce environmental stresses on your skin, but with time, they will help you maintain a smooth, glowing complexion that is the envy of all those that surround you. Try out Eminence’s Citrus and Kale C+E Serum ($110) and enjoy its lasting benefits. 
  • Moisturizer – Implementing a high-quality moisturizer that hydrates and loves on your skin is an important part of a skincare regimen, no matter your age. And, despite what you may think, increasing the moisture content of your skin, even if you are oily, is always a good thing! 
  • SPF – No matter your age, SPF should be a non-negotiable in your skincare routine. Sun damage is the fast-track to aged skin, so using a high-quality SPF all year long will ensure that you hold on to that youthful complexion for years and years. 

Glowing and Anti-Aging In Your 30’s 

You’ve made it to your thirties, beautiful! And, while you are enjoying all the amazing bits that come with this decade, you may now be beginning to see some signs of aging that may not have been visible to the naked eye in your 20s. As you enter this new season of life, enjoy adding in a few more age-specific products to boost anti-aging and continued radiance. 

  • Targeted Cleanser – If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to choose a targeted cleanser that helps deal with your specific skin-issues. Dryness or buildup? Try Rhonda Allison’s Pumpkin Cleanser ($50). Adult acne? Pair an active cleanser like Rhonda Allison’s Beta Green Tea Cleanser ($50) with the nourishing and hydrating power of the Stone Crop Gel Wash. Not sure what you need? Your Kinley Kay aesthetician will be happy to support you in choosing a cleanser that will do powerful work for your skin. 
  • Natural Retinol – Also known as vitamin A, adding in a retinol for its anti-aging power can support the reduction of blemishes, boost cell regeneration and target premature signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and more. At Kinley Kay, we carry Eminence’s Bamboo Firming Fluid ($75), which is a natural retinol formulation — helping to nourish, heal and protect your beautiful skin.
  • SPF – This product always begs repeating because at every age, protecting yourself from the sun and its damaging rays is of the utmost importance if you want to enjoy youthful, glowing skin. Another step in your 30’s? Protecting yourself from the damaging blue-light of your computer screen with Eminence’s Lilikoi Mineral Defense Face Primer ($70). 
  • Treatments – Now that you have endured a few decades of life, your skin has likely undergone changes due to life-altering experiences (job changes, the birth of a baby, the home buying process, just to name a few). While these experiences can be beautiful and exciting, these stressors have the potential to impact your skin in a variety of ways — can you say loss of brightness, uneven skin tone, dryness and/or dullness? Incorporating a targeted treatment into your weekly routine can do wonders to brighten and add radiance back to your skin. 

Hydration and Maintaining Radiance in Your 40s and Beyond! 

As you enter your 40s and beyond, the main focus of your skincare routine should be on hydration and maintaining strong, healthy skin. While all the products listed above are still important to incorporate in your routine, these additions will help give you the very best pro-youth benefits, helping you to maintain gorgeous, radiant skin.  

  • Hyaluronic Serum – Adding in extra moisture content to your skin, especially as you age, is amazing for maintaining radiance throughout your life. One of the very best serums to get the hydration job done is a hyaluronic serum, which aids in trapping moisture in the skin tissue — boosting that youthful glow! 
  • Eye Cream – Because eyes are typically one of the first places that show signs of aging, they are a great place to add a little TLC in your 40s and beyond! Eminence’s Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream ($115) reduces visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles and adds in long-lasting hydration for supple skin.  
  • Rich Moisturizer – As you age, your skin begins to get thinner and can tend to get drier. These two concerns can cause the skin to become sensitive and more easily prone to damage, which is why adding in a rich moisturizer can help create a protective barrier for your skin. Eminence’s Guava & Bamboo Age Defying Moisturizer ($65)  is perfect for bringing elasticity and hydration back to your skin. Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and proteins, this moisturizer will leave you with strong, healthy looking skin.
  • Hydrating SPF – SPF is important no matter what your age, but in your 40s and beyond, look for an SPF with a high moisture content to not only protect your skin, but nourish it as well. Eminence’s Tropical Vanilla Day Cream ($70)  is extremely powerful and hydrating for your skin, making it a perfect choice! 

Helping you to achieve strong, healthy, glowing skin is our pride and joy at Kinley Kay. We are so happy to offer you a variety of professional-grade product options to support you in the transformation and protection of your skin no matter what your age, skin concern or skin goals. 

Feel free to take a look at our product guide to see what else we have to offer!

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