Aug 24

All About Brows: A Guide To Each Of Our Brow Services At Kinley Kay

Microblading at Kinley Kay in Neenah WI

As the self-proclaimed brow queen, my truest passion is to give you brows that dreams are made of, effortlessly enhancing your features while also giving you total comfort and confidence!

Because of that, we are proud to offer a variety of brow services for your comfort-level, your desired look, and your budget. 

Today, I want to walk you through each of the brow services that we offer at Kinley Kay, who they are best for, and how long you can enjoy the results! 

Brow Shaping

About this service: Our brow shaping service is designed for women who are looking for a fast, flattering brow look. This treatment lasts between 2-4 weeks. 

What’s included: A brow wax and trim is included in this service, allowing us to shape your natural brows into your desired look. 

Who is this best for?: Almost anyone can benefit from a brow wax, but best candidates will have sufficient brow hair that can be shaped into a desired look. Not best for clients with sensitive skin (though we do offer aloe post-service to reduce redness). 

Price point: currently $15 

Brow Henna

About this service: Henna Brow is the new brow tinting. This service tints the brow hairs for up to 4 weeks, as long as you’re not washing and scrubbing your brows daily. The Brow Henna also adds a skin tint for up to 9 days with proper care. This is a great pre-treatment to microblading as well. This service also includes the waxing and trimming of your brows.

What’s included: The brow henna, wax and trim are all included in this service. 

Who is this best for?: Tinting is best for people with fine or transparent brow hair as it helps add dimension and thickness, but isn’t best for those who have sparse or no brow hair. 

Price point: currently $60 


About this service: Microblading is a technique which uses tiny micro needles to implant pigment into the skin. Your artist will use a manual hand tool to draw each hair stroke, making the brows look incredibly natural.  These hand drawn strokes follow the natural hair growth pattern and, because of the pigments used, the color will fade into its lighter form over time– keeping you from that blue-grey tone that traditional tattoos get. If you are looking for a very natural look that is perfect every single day, then this is the treatment for you. Microbladed brows last anywhere from 1-3 years but because this is a semi-permanent treatment, you will need to come in for a touch up 4-12 weeks after your initial appointment and every year to ensure your brows continue to look perfect

Who is this best for?: This service is great for everyone, but is especially great for women with thin, sparse, or patchy brows. 

Price point: currently starting at $600 ($300 at initial service and $300 at 4-12 week touch up).


About this service: The microshading treatment is done in a stippling motion to give the illusion of a powdered, filled in makeup. We always incorporate this WITH microblading to still give a very natural look of hair strokes. Like microblading, this service requires a touch up 4-12 weeks after your initial appointment and yearly afterwards to maintain that perfectly filled in look. All of our appointments include a consultation so that you can discuss with your artist which service is best for you and your desired look.

Who is this best for?: This treatment is great for clients who want to quit filling in their brows and want a fuller look. 

Price point: currently starting at $660 ($330 at initial service and $330 at 4-12 week touch up).

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