Mar 8

That Clear Skin Feeling: How to Achieve Life-Changing Skin Results Through The Kinley Kay Acne Program


For many, hearing that word stirs up feelings of fear, anxiety, frustration and even in some cases, a sense of hopelessness. And, truth be told, 2020 was not the best skin year for many  — thank you, stress, dietary changes, and mask-wearing. 

As estheticians, we know that clear skin is directly linked to overall happiness and well-being and that experiencing acne at whatever level can have a negative effect on our mental health. Because of this, we knew that we wanted to create a program specifically for women who struggle with acne and want to take charge over their skin. This idea is what brought the Kinley Kay Acne Program to life, bringing with it real, powerful skin changes. Not only does this program provide the necessary tips, tricks, products and services to give our clients gorgeous glowing skin, but it is also designed to support them in all aspects of feeling good about themselves. So, if you are struggling with acne in the Fox Cities or beyond, we are here to help you on your journey to clear skin.

As we designed this program, we wanted to make sure that the experience clients were getting was like nothing else on the market. We are a team that is fueled by results, but also by building relationships with and taking care of our clients — truly supporting them in a personal way through every step of their clear skin journey. With that in mind, each member of the Kinley Kay Acne Program gains access to: 

  • A thorough, 60-minute consultation with one of our acne specialists to discuss your skin concerns and decide which course of action is best for your desired results.
  • Consistent support in your skincare journey through treatments (every 2-4 weeks), encouragement, and connection with one of our amazing acne specialists.
  • Knowledge and tools to care for your skin at home, helping you to feel empowered to care for your own skin.
  • An at-home care kit valued between $405 (non-inflamed) and $500 (inflamed) at a discounted rate.
  • Next-level discounts on all products during the 6-month program 
  • Bi-weekly support from the Kinley Kay team through exclusive emails giving you all the juicy details to enjoy healthy skin that glows!

This program is for the woman who knows what she wants and is ready to work with our team of expert acne specialists to achieve it. Together, we will create a customized plan to target your acne concerns and reach your clear skin goals. With commitment to regular treatments, consistent and specific at-home care, and a variety lifestyle changes, you will absolutely achieve that skin you’ve been dreaming of.

More than anything else, know this…acne doesn’t define you — you are beautiful inside and out, love! And yes, while this program is intended to help you take control of your acne, it is also there to remind you how amazing you are and that you are capable of living your life exactly by your design — clear skin life included.

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