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Blushing and Beautiful: 5 Steps for Glowing Wedding Day Skin

Hey there 2021 brides. We see you! 

Whether you were a 2020 bride that had to make a reschedule or had planned to celebrate your big day this year, we are so dang excited for you! We love that you blushing babes get a day to celebrate you and your love, as well as the chance to shine and show off all of your natural beauty.  At Kinley Kay we are so dang passionate about helping your big day go as smoothly as possible and we know that having the skin of your dreams makes all the difference. By helping to enhance those gorgeous natural faces, we make sure that on your special day (and all the days before and after) you are feeling like the goddess you are. 

So, from us to you, we want to share our top 5 tips to enjoy gorgeous skin on your wedding day — helping you to make sure that your celebration goes exactly by your design! 

First things first, consider your wedding day skin goals. 

Truth be told, we all have different skin concerns or skin goals especially when it comes to wedding-ready skin. It is important for you to take time to think about what it is that you hope for your skin before the big day and write these things down, girlfriend. Whether it is to even out and balance your skin tone from years of sun damage or clear some congestion and breakouts on your back and shoulders so you can confidently wear that strapless dress, writing it down will help you begin to establish a game plan to achieve those goals. 

Say yes to more skin (and self) care by visiting your aesthie-bestie. 

Once you know what your dream skin goals are for your big day, it’s time to talk with your aesthetician about how to achieve these goals. Yes, it is absolutely lovely to enjoy a relaxing facial a few weeks before your wedding to restore and rebalance yourself from all that planning, but if you are looking to target specific skin concerns or ensure that your skin is blemish free on your special day, we recommend having a consultation with one of our expert aestheticians at least six months ahead of your special day to talk over your particular skin goals. 

During this time, you and your aesthie get to create a treatment regimen perfectly designed for you, your dream skin, and any skin concerns you would like to see gone before you walk down the aisle. If you are looking to target skin concerns like acne, pigmentation and scarring, booking out your treatments a year in advance will give you the best chance at that perfect glow. 

Make your home-care regimen sacred. 

While monthly treatments are essential to success with your skin goal, having a home routine that is tailored to your skin goals is so important. Even more important is your consistency of those treatments, love!  

We are here to support you in finding products and a routine that is best for you, as well as offering support and encouragement in keeping up with it! 

Start drinking that water for a plump, youthful glow. 

Not only does appropriate water intake give your skin that gorgeous glow, but it makes makeup applications look so much more flawless and natural. Plus, this is one of the easiest things to add into your routine to get that beautiful face ready for your big day! 

Find yourself a makeup artist who cares about enhancing that natural beauty as much as we do! 

Now that you have taken the time to create a smooth, glowing canvas, finding a makeup artist who can use her magic to accentuate your beautiful features is so important. While we do not offer makeup services to brides, we do want to take time to shout out a few bomb makeup artists in the Fox Valley area that we know will love on you as much as we do. 

This beauty is seriously a magician when it comes to making her brides and clients feel-themselves! Not only that, but Jillian is such a sweet soul. If you are looking for a creative genius and someone who will see your vision and execute it perfectly, book this beauty! 

Not only is Maddie an extremely talented permanent makeup artist, but she also brings her amazing artistry to the table with wedding makeup! You can trust that Maddie will give you the look you’ve been dreaming of, and its such a plus that we get to shout out one of our own! 

If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting our very own Christie, I can say with confidence that her gentle spirit and extensive background in the cosmetic industry would make her a beautiful fit for your big day. I mean, who doesn’t want a makeup artist that can make the whole room feel relaxed while also giving them the makeup look of their wedding-day dreams! 

If you are looking for a team to come in and work on you, your beautiful bridesmaids, mamas and anybody in-between, Salon Elan is for you! These girls know a thing or two about makeup and are sure to make the bride and all her closest girls feel extra beautiful!  

Again, we couldn’t be happier for you, sweet friend! We can’t wait to see you and be a part of such a beautiful, joyful time in your life.

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