Mar 27

Real Talk: Can I Truly Enjoy A Successful Career in Permanent Makeup?

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to create those perfect microbladed brows, seamless lash enhancements or gorgeous lip blushes? Well today I am here to spill the tea, sweet friend.

When looking for a potential permanent makeup artist on our team, these four skills are what I look for time and time again as I know that they have what it takes to enjoy a rewarding and successful career in permanent makeup.

  1. Passion 

This is number one on our list for a reason, sweet friend. If you are considering a career in permanent makeup, but aren’t sure if it has your full attention I urge you to look another way. While this career offers so many opportunities, if you only give it a portion of your passion you will find yourself frustrated and exhausted.

PMU is very difficult to learn but it is also so very rewarding. Yes, it takes years to master, but if you are passionate about learning and evolving in this industry, your career will flourish.

holly pingel
– kinley kay permanent makeup artist

On the other hand, if you are a brow junkie like me or are obsessed with learning how to give your clients confidence and joy through permanent makeup — you will find a way to thrive in this industry. Passion will drive your energy to learn and nothing beats that! 

  1. An Artistic Eye

Because you are working on people’s faces, it is important to have a vision of a brow look that will best suit them (while also helping them achieve their dream brow goals). Our clients come to us and trust us with their faces because they know that we will give them the best advice and suggestions for a look that compliments them! And, because all faces and features are different, this requires a bit of an artistic eye and understanding of facial symmetry. 

  1. Dedication 

Let me repeat this for the ones in the back. There is no getting around having fierce dedication when working in permanent makeup. You need to be obsessed with learning, growing and evolving in the industry and doing so will set you apart and continue to drive your passion. See, passion and dedication do go hand in hand and I promise that the payout is so dang good! 

Permanent makeup is challenging in all the right ways. It constantly pushes me to improve my skills and perfect all aspects of this ever evolving industry. With all the different clients and skin types, I’m always doing something new based on what is best for the client, and I love that there is never a dull moment.

I also love how rewarding it is for my clients. To be able to make such a difference in their daily life and help boost their confidence when they go into the world gives me so much joy. 

maddie groshek
– kinley kay elite permanent makeup artist and trainer
  1. Patience and a Growth Mindset

And lastly, having a growth mindset. While this might seem similar to dedication, to me a growth mindset is seeing any “failure” or “imperfection” in your craft as an opportunity to learn and grow. Looking towards growth and away from negativity is essential for success because the reality is that you will not be perfect from the get go. Seeing these moments as an opportunity will allow you to refine your skills and become a bomb-a** artist! I promise!

I am here to tell you that permanent makeup artistry has changed my life and the lives of so many on our team. This career is ever-evolving, ever-growing and, if you dedicate your time to become skilled in and showcase your craft, I promise your books will return your investment over and over again.

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  1. Max Jones says:

    I appreciate the advice on having fierce dedication if pursuing a career in PMU. My sister loves fashion and makeup, and lately she has been considering getting a job in this particular career field. She hasn’t been the most dedicated person I’ve met, but if she can commit and let her love of fashion carry her, I think PMU training would be something that would be a great match for her.

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