Mar 3

Mircoblading vs. Microshading

Since microblading’s takeover in the beauty world, advanced eyebrow enhancing techniques have only continued to grow and evolve. And, while microblading is still giving women enviable eyebrows with minimal upkeep, there are other techniques that offer something different for those who prefer a more filled in look, one of which is called microshading. Having these two options to offer clients is perfect for achieving any dream brow look, and allows us to enhance your already natural beauty. Not sure which one is best for you and your desired look? Let’s chat about the differences! 


The microblading technique uses tiny micro needles to implant pigment into the skin. Your artist will use a manual hand tool to draw each hair stroke, making the brows look incredibly natural.  These hand drawn strokes follow the natural hair growth pattern and, because of the pigments used, the color will fade into its lighter form over time– keeping you from that blue-grey tone that traditional tattoos get. If you are looking for a very natural look that is perfect every. single. day, than this is the treatment for you. Microbladed brows last anywhere from 1-3 years but because this is a semi-permanent treatment, you will need to come in for a touch up 4-12 weeks after your initial appointment and every year to ensure your brows continue to look perfect. 


The microshading treatment is done in a stippling motion to give the illusion of a powdered, filled in makeup. We always incorporate this WITH microblading to still give a very natural look of hair strokes. This treatment is great for clients who want to quit filling in their brows and want a fuller look. Like microblading, this service requires a touch up 4-12 weeks after your initial appointment and yearly afterwards to maintain that perfectly filled in look. All of our appointments include a consultation so that you can discuss with your artist which service is best for you and your desired look.

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