Mar 17


Bright. Bubbly. Beautiful. 

Those three words perfectly describe Britt and all that she brings to the table at Kinley Kay. This girl has been with me since our beginnings at the little orange studio, and has always been a safe place to land for her team and her clients. She has a natural knack at creating a therapeutic environment in the space that is around her, making everyone she interacts with feel beautiful on the inside and out.

Not only does her spirit radiate beauty and light, but her service techniques set her apart in the industry. The team calls her the facial queen because each choice and each movement is done with intention and the ultimate goal of helping her clients feel loved, pampered and special — a goal that she full achieves, I might add! 

Britt also offers lashing and brow services to her guests and loves being a triple threat! Her skills are phenomenal and she is always working to grow, develop and strengthen her skills in every service that she offers at the studio.

What her guests have to say: 

  • “She is so friendly and makes you so comfortable! I have always been so impressed with the assortment of treatment I’ve gotten and I have only ever gone to Brittany!” 
  • “Brittany was so knowledgeable and so sweet! Made me feel amazing!”
  • “Brittany always does the best job. Just finished another wonderful service!!” 
  • “Brittany was so friendly and professional! She explained the procedure so well and made me feel so comfortable.” 
  • “Brittany was amazing! She did a great job with my facial and recommending products. I will definitely be back!” 
  • ” I keep coming back because Brittany helps me feel like I’m not a sick person. She is truly part of my healing care team. She is the best.” 

If you are looking for an aesthetician that will make you feel like the goddess you are, then book with this beautiful soul. We promise that you will leave feeling like a whole new person! 

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