Aug 25

A Beautiful Transformation: How You Can Be A Part Of Real Change This September

September is such a beautiful month of transformation. 

It is in this month that we begin to transform our minds, adjusting our focus from the playfulness of summer to the patterns and rhythms of fall — a season rich with transition and change. 

This image has been captivating me and, especially this year, a year so full of constant transition and change, I wanted to find a way to use this time to create a beautiful transformation in our community. 

It is one of the deepest cries of my heart to help those that are oppressed, to use the gift of this studio to better the community we live in and the people in it. And, as I considered this desire, I knew that one tangible way that we could create transformation in our area would be to support a local organization that is doing good by giving a portion of each service booked and product paid for to them and their cause. 

Enter Damascus Road. 

If you haven’t heard about this organization and what they are doing in our local community, I am here to tell you all about them. 

Damascus Road is an anti-human trafficking organization that assists victims, advocates for survivors, conducts training, raises awareness, partners with law enforcement and performs outreach. Not only does their work actively impact and change lives in the Fox Valley, but they also work alongside a national missing children’s organization, other anti-trafficking NGO’s, and local law enforcement which results in the recovery of trafficking victims each and every year. 

The work that they are doing is incredibly impactful, and the fact that they are actively engaging with women in our community to get them to safety, heal trauma, rebuild lives, and offer continued mentorship and support is incredible.  

Wondering how you can offer support and be a part of real change in our community?

Partner with us throughout the month of September by booking yourself a service or purchasing any product at the studio. A portion of each transaction will be directly donated to Damascus Road of Appleton, helping assist them in providing education to the community, restoring and empowering the abused, and advocating for the prevention and abolition of human trafficking. 

We can’t wait to watch the sun set on human trafficking, for those who have been disempowered to be empowered once more, and for their radiant light to glow all over this world.

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