Feb 13

Shine Girl, Shine: How to Interview and Get Hired As an Esthetician

So you’ve officially got your esthetics license. Welcome to the club, girl! 

We are so dang excited for you and know how fun this time of life is. There truly is so much opportunity to grow in this industry, and while that can be exciting, it can also create a level of anxiety about finding your perfect fit. 

As you set out to find your dream career, we wanted to share four things that, to us, set candidates apart when going through the interview process. Above all else we believe these four things not only help the potential employer get excited about who you are and what you bring to the table, but also help to illuminate what you desire for your career in the esthetics field. 

  1. Show up with passion and fire 

Hopefully you decided to get licensed in this field because you were interested in esthetics. And hopefully as you studied, you learned more and more about what you love and want to begin pursuing for your career. 

For me, I knew that I had a passion for brows and wanted to work in an environment where I could help others achieve their dream brow look. That passion morphed into so much more than I could have seen early on in my career, but what it did was give me a fire to learn anything and everything I could about brows. 

When you are interviewing, know that your potential employer is looking for that same passion and fire. Of course it is ok to pivot and evolve in your career, but knowing what you want now and having the willingness to get it will get your potential employer as excited as you are about your future in the industry. 

Love skin? Great! Talk about that and how you envision your career in skin. Have a passion for permanent makeup? Awesome! Let’s chat about it. Love to be a jack of all trades? Share your passion for offering a larger menu of services. Truly the only wrong answer is one that lacks a fire and desire, so make sure to take time to really think about what gets you excited about your future as an esthetician. 

  1. Do your research, girl! 

Before sitting down for your interview, it is so important to take time to get to know about the business that you are applying to work for. Find their website, learn about their mission statement and take time to do a deep dive into their service menu and other offerings. Not only do you want to have a passion for what you do, but you want to make it clear that you would be a perfect fit for this team and environment. 

Beyond that, if you are applying to work with a team that has a large social media presence, be sure to take time to follow them on social media and learn about their team, services and overall vibe. Many times the esthetic that you see on social media is saying something about the business, so use that platform to your advantage when learning about the company. 

I promise that taking time to do this step will give you such a great edge in your interview process! 

  1. Be your honest, authentic self. 

This one is simple. Be you! 

It is easy to come to an interview with cookie cutter answers, but I promise you that your employer will see right through that. Instead, be yourself! If you have taken time to really think about what lights a fire under you and have researched the company you are interviewing at, now is the time for you to shine. Talk about your likes and dislikes in the industry, your story and what brought you to the interview, what you feel you can bring to the table, and your large scale dreams and ambitions. During your interview, your potential employer wants to see you and to learn about how you will fit into the fabric of the team, so don’t hold back! 

  1. Embrace the growth mindset. 

Finally, be excited about growth and be willing to invest in that growth. The reality is that you will likely not come out of esthetics school with all of the knowledge and expertise you need to offer specialized services and treatments. However, what you can come out of school with is the desire to learn, grow and evolve in your career. Talk with your potential employer about what you have already learned, but also discuss what services you would like to be trained in and what other educational opportunities you want to take advantage of. Again, you don’t need to know it all, but that willingness to learn is everything. 

We can’t wait to see where your career takes you, beautiful! Thank you for being a part of the esthie community and offering your skillset to help others feel beautiful in their own skin. The work that you do is truly incredible, never forget that!

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