Feb 24

Pop With Care: The Extraction Facial at Kinley Kay

You see it. Those frustrating black and whiteheads have cropped up again and you are not here for it. 

I know that it is taking everything in your power to avoid popping them, but I am here to tell you that it’s not worth it girl! Extracting at home, especially without professional training, is a tricky, and potentially damaging business. Our fingers, and oftentimes even our at home tools are crawling with bacteria that can make your frustrating breakout situation much worse. 

We are here to tell you that not every pimple is ready to pop or should be popped, and choosing the wrong candidate for a squeeze can end in a whole host of other issues ranging from redness, raw skin, to more breakouts, inflammation and long-term scarring and pigmentation issues. 

So what can we do about these pesky skin invaders? 

Our first step is to step away from the mirror, love. I know it’s hard, but the truth is that most of the time the only person who is noticing that breakout is you. Even if it is a large and in charge pimple, I promise that picking at it will only make it more noticeable and difficult to cover up with makeup. 

Extracting at home, especially without professional training, is a tricky, and potentially damaging business.

Once you’ve backed away from the mirror and taken a few deep breaths, now is the time to head over to our booking page and schedule one of our newest and most sought after services, the extraction facial. This facial was designed to keep clients away from the mirror and provide a safe and budget-friendly option for those who want a quick pore cleanse and a few blemishes removed. As estheticians, we have a clear understanding of which pimples are ripe for extraction and will not cause any additional issues for you or your skin. Not only that, but we have the safest and most effective sanitation practices that ensure no nasty bacteria stays on the tools that we use! 

While this service is perfect for individuals who are experiencing a frustrating breakout, if you are someone who is suffering from acne, we do recommend a full facial or a consultation about our acne program. You can always book our extraction facial to start, but know that depending on the severity of your congestion and breakouts we may not be able to remove all blemishes in 30 minutes.

So, if you want to safely and effectively remove those troublesome pimples in order to enjoy the skin of your dreams, we’ve got you covered!

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