Sep 11

Fighting BACNE at Kinley Kay

The BACNE fighter facial is one of our newest treatments at Kinley Kay Beauty Studio and is designed to give you glowing skin on your back and upper shoulders — just in time for the fall wedding season! 

While all facials offer amazing benefits for your skin, this treatment brings those benefits to your body, targeting stubborn acne and inflammation on your back and ensuring that you get to enjoy clear, happy skin all over! 

What to Expect: 

Just like any of our facial treatments, your Kinley Kay aesthetician will use our professional grade product line to cleanse, exfoliate and treat your skin — this time on your back and upper shoulders. Each BACNE facial also includes our high frequency treatment and extractions to clear your pores and fight any congestion you are experiencing. 

And, while this treatment was created specifically for clear, glowing results, you can also expect to truly relax during the service. During your mask application your aesthetician will perform a massage on your upper back and shoulders, helping the product penetrate more deeply and adding in that extra dose of TLC for your body and mind.  

Is This Treatment Right For Me? 

While this service is great for anyone experiencing acne or breakouts on their back or shoulders, this is truly a great service for anyone, especially as we transition out of the sunny summer days and into fall. The skin on this part of our body often is under-cared for, so why not give it a little bit of extra attention 🙂 

How Do I Prepare? 

Preparing for this treatment is easy — just come as you are! We will cleanse the skin before we begin any exfoliation or treatment. 

We do also ask that if you are currently using any retinols or acid-based serums that you discontinue use 24 hours prior to your facial appointment. We ask this because these products make your skin more sensitive to other products and services, and we want your treatment experience to be the very best. 

Other than that, you may want to wear comfy clothes that are easy to get in and out of as we will be treating the skin on your entire back and upper shoulders. 


This experience, with its exfoliation and targeted treatment benefits, will leave you with an all-over refreshed feel. Not only will your back and shoulders glow like never before, but you will feel like an entirely new person after this service. 

You can also expect to see a great reduction in irritation and inflammation on your back and upper shoulders, especially if you are someone who suffers from back acne. By incorporating extractions, an enzyme peel and our high frequency treatment, any bacteria or buildup on your skin will be diminished, revealing a smooth, soft, healthy surface.  

Like all of our facial treatments, with proper home care these results will typically last 4-6 weeks, so while you will get to experience that initial glow, we do recommend coming back every month to a month and a half to target skin specific issues.

Ready to show off your shoulders and back with confidence? Book this treatment today! 

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